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Curriculum Vitae

Academic Appointments

Visiting Assistant Professor
Miami University


Doctor of Philosophy, Boston University, Political Science
Dissertation: The Contested Welfare State in Europe
Major Professor: Dr. Cathie Jo Martin
Qualifying Examinations in Comparative Politics and Methodology
(2014 – 2021)

Master of Arts, New York University, Politics
Concentration in Comparative Politics
(2011 – 2013)

Bachelor of Arts, Boston University, Political Science
Minor in History
(2007 – 2011)

Teaching and Research Experience

Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University (2021-Present)
Political Analysis (POL 601)
Politics of Extremism: From Antifa to Xenophobia (POL 471/571)
Politics of the European Union (POL 423/523)
Politics of Europe (POL 333)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (POL 221W)

Instructor, Boston University (2014-2020)
Political Economy of the Welfare State (PO 330)
Politics of the Extremes: From Antifa to Xenophobia (PO 330)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (PO 211)

Teaching Fellow
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Climate Change
Formal Theory
Introduction to American Politics
Introduction to Public Policy

Research Assistant
Project: “Competitiveness, Demand-Shocks and Governance Structure: Competing Explanations of the Eurozone Debt Crisis”
Professor Sofia Perez

Research Assistant
Project: “Capitol Gains: The Returns to Elected office from Corporate Board Directorships”
Professor Maxwell Palmer

Research Assistant
Project: “The American Anomaly: U.S. Politics and Government in Comparative Perspective”
Professor Raymond Smith


“Review of Quiet Politics and Business Power: Corporate Control in Europe and Japan by Pepper D. Culpepper.”
Journal of Political Inquiry at New York University, Vol. 5, No. 5

Papers Delivered at Conference

The Two Worlds of Issue Politics: A Survey Experiment on Welfare State Retrenchment
Presented at the 80th annual Midwest Political Science Association conference

Identifying the Radical-Center: An Empirical Analysis of Party Families
Co-authored with Vivien Schmidt
Presented at the 77th annual Midwest Political Science Association conference

All That’s Left: The Politics of Crisis and Social Pacts
Presented at the 114th annual American Political Science Association conference

Welfare Chauvinism and Neoliberal Realignment: Rethinking the Radical Right
Presented at the 75th annual Midwest Political Science Association conference

The Enemy of My Enemy is Not Necessarily My Friend: Partisanship’s Impact Upon Retrenchment
Presented at the 45th annual Northeastern Political Science Association conference

Lending a Helping Hand and Heterogeneity: The Impact of Ethnic Diversity upon the Welfare State
Presented at the 44th annual Northeastern Political Science Association conference


Departmental Prize in Teaching Excellence
Boston University

Summer Research Fellowship
Boston University

Teaching Fellowship
Boston University

Dean’s Fellowship
Boston University

Nominated for Best Graduate Student Paper in Political Theory

Graduate-level Methodology Coursework

Causal Inference

Longitudinal Analysis

Maximum Likelihood Analysis
Boston University

Applied Regression Analysis
Boston University

Formal Theory
Boston University


R, Stata, SPSS

LaTeX, Black Board, Microsoft Office Suite

English – Native, French – Limited Reading Proficiency

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